Review of Livescribe Smartpens

Livescribe SmartPen What is it ?

The Livescribe smartpen is an amazing device that is suitable for all professionals and university students. This device helps you to write down the important keywords that you hear during a conference, lecture, meeting or interview. At the same time, the Livescribe smartpen will automatically record audio and link it to your notes for writing. Some people will have a hard time recalling what was said earlier in the meeting or lecture but with Livescribe Smartpen you will not have to face that issue ever again. With a Livescribe Smartpen in hand, all you need to do is tap on a keyword that you have written earlier with your Livescribe smartpen and you can listen to the recorded audio that has documented everything that was lectured when you were writing the important keywords down. The manufacturer of the Livescribe smartpen has come up with two great designs which are the Echo Livescribe smartpen and Pulse Livescribe smartpen. These Livescribe smartpens are definitely the new technology of the future. For those who have always wanted to transfer their handwritten notes to editable texts can do so with the Pulse Livescribe smartpen or Echo Livescribe smartpen. This gadget is certainly a product that you should buy especially if you are a professional or university student. It is known to have helped many professionals and students during meeting and lectures. But how does a Livescribe smartpen work?

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How Does a Livescribe Smartpen Work?

The creator of Livescribe Smartpen came up with these amazing smartpens a few years ago.The Pulse Livescribe smartpen and latest version the Echo Livescribe smartpen have a tiny infrared camera positioned at the tip of the pen which captures your writing. Embedded dual microphones that come with the Livescribe smartpen record the audio and the built-in speakers enable you to replay the audio when you want to go through your notes once more. In addition to that, these Livescribe smartpens allow you to plug in your earphones so that you can listen to your notes whilst you are on the plane or anywhere else with a lot of people without disturbing them. To be able to use this gadget, you need the specially made dot print paper which costs a bit more than a normal paper. With a purchase of this marvelous product, there will be a notebook included in the box which consists of 100 sheets of the dot paper. What makes this new gadget even more astounding is that you can print your dot paper. Once you are finished with your notes, simply place the Livescribe smartpen onto the USB dock that comes with it and connect the cable to your laptop or PC. As soon as your laptop or PC detects the device, it will automatically transfer all your notes to your hard drive. When that is all done, you can print, organise and share the notes. In addition to that, you can search for a particular keyword when you need to and the notes with the specific keyword will appear.

What are the features of Livescribe Smartpen?

Besides the tiny infrared camera, embedded dual microphones and built-in speakers, the Livescribe smartpens come with a built-in flash memory card as well. The flash memory card comes in 1GB – 4GB-8GB which depends on which Livescribe smartpen you purchase. The bigger the flash memory card, the more you can record. The 1GB flash memory card is able store up to 100 recorded hours and the 4GB is able to do so four times the amount of the 1GB memory card – that is more than what you really need! The Livescribe smartpen allows you to record every lecture or conversation to its maximum depending on the size of the flash memory card. Another added advantage of this Livescribe smartpen is if your boss or lecturer uses a foreign word or an unfamiliar term and you forgot what it was or the word means, then all you need to do is tap your Livescribe smartpen and you will be brought back to your earlier meeting or class and listen to what was said earlier on. This amazing pen comes with a headset that has binaural microphones that can sift through unwanted sounds. This means if you are seated way at the back of the meeting or lecture, you will still be able to hear your boss’s or lecturer’s voice very clearly without the sound of rustling papers and other noises. The notes and audio files in these Livescribe smartpens are compatible with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 which means you do not have to download or buy specific software to extract the notes you have written with your Livescribe smartpen.

What is the Cost of This Amazing Product Digital Livescribe Smartpen?

If you have trouble keeping up in seminars, classes, meetings or lectures, then this Digital Livescribe smartpen is certainly a great product that you should invest in. With excellent features such as the recorder, built-in speakers, microphone, audio jack and so many more, this is the digital smartpen to have with you at all times so that you do not need to miss out on any meeting or class ever again. The Livescribe smartpen cost about $100 – $300 depending on the models that you are interested in. Although it may sound like a lot of money, think about what the Livescribe smartpen can do for you and you will realise that the amount of money that you spend on the Livescribe smartpen is worth every penny. Research has shown that jotting down notes is a real cognitive challenge and it has been said that most people can only write 15 – 30 words per minute. However, with the Pulse Livescribe smartpen and its successor, the echo Livescribe smartpen, you will not miss out on anything. These Livescribe smartpens will record every word that is said and you can listen to the notes later on. If you were to compare this product to any other type of similar gadget, you will find that the Livescribe smartpens come out on top. Not only does it do all the necessary work for you, it is also small and with the cost of the Livescribe smartpen, it is definitely the next best thing after your laptop. Pulse Livescribe smartpen and echo Livescribe smartpen are the best gadgets to add to your arsenal of office or education tools.

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    Livescribe Smartpen – The New Digital Pen of the Future

    The Digital pen, an astounding product has revolutionised the meaning of taking notes down. A writing device that is battery-operated, the digital pen captures every handwritten note or drawing. Like a PC or laptop, digital pens come with USB cradle to make it possible for you to upload all the handwritten notes and drawings to your PC or laptop. Popular digital pens like the Livescribe smartpen look like any regular ballpoint pen except it looks more stylish and requires special digital paper if you wish to digitally capture all the notes you have written. This digital paper is an interactive paper which contains a pattern of dots. The pattern of the dot is a two dimensional bar code which is commonly known as Anoto pattern. The Anoto pattern is printed onto normal papers and the digital paper can be printed through any type of laser printer. The typical ink used in Anoto pattern is carbon based black ink. However, this pattern is not visible to the eye. The ink works by absorbing infra red light which is transmitted from the paper and the receiver in the pen interprets the pattern of light replicated from the digital paper. You can buy the digital paper in traditional size of a notepad or smaller size notepad which contains small dots on it. This allows the pen to capture what has been written by the user.

    Capturing your Notes and Drawings through Livescribe Smartpen

    If you are new to digital pens then you are reading the right article to help you understand what digital pens are all about. Generally, digital pens such as the Pulse Livescribe smartpen and Echo Livescribe smartpen have transformed the process of automating the note taking. Any entrepreneur or professional will tell you that most of them like to buy new technology gadgets that can help them achieve more work in less time. Most of them will tell you that time is money and anything that can help them save time, they will invest in it. Digital pens are  created to save you the time and money. At the same time, it also works flawlessly which makes the money worth spending. Livescribe smartpen captures your writing and drawing on the notepad while at the same time, it records the audio. This is useful during lectures, meetings or interviews. Being an entrepreneur or professional, most often than not you will attend any seminar that can boost your business and the smartpen is certainly a product that you should take with you to the seminars. Most of the time, speakers at the seminars tend to talk really fast and that makes it difficult for you to take down the notes. As it is known that most people are only able to write down 20 – 30 words a minute, the Livescribe Smartpen can do all the work for you. Any important word or sentence that you have missed can be replayed later on. Livescribe smartpen is unquestionably lighter to carry around with compared to laptops or netbooks. What makes Livescribe smartpen even more remarkable is that it comes with the best prices on the market.

    Livescribe Smartpen You Will Never Miss a Word Again.

    The Livescribe digital pen is one of the new technology products on the market that integrates the minimalism of ballpoint pen and the influence of the computer technology. Just imagine, with the look of a normal ballpoint pen, it helps you to capture all your written notes, record the audio and coordinate with the digital pen. Additionally, with the advanced models, you may also record audio. Isn’t that the most amazing gadget you have ever come across? If you were at a lecture and you missed out on some important information, you are able to go back to the lecture by replaying what the Livescribe smartpen has recorded while you were busy writing down the notes. You can tap on the keyword and the notes will be played. With the USB dock, you can transfer all the digital notes to your laptop, Mac or PC. All you need to do is connect the Livescribe smartpen to your laptop, PC or Mac and it will automatically synchronise your notes and recordings you have made. The Livescribe smartpen is also compatible with iPhone and iPad. With the Pulse Livescribe smartpen or the newer Echo Livescribe Smartpen, you will not miss a word or conversation ever again! All of this comes in a device that looks exactly like a ballpoint pen only a bit thicker!

    picture of 2GB Livescribe Smartpen

    Shop for a Livescribe Smartpen Today!

    With so many models available by Livescribe, it can certainly make it difficult for you to buy the right Livescribe smartpen for your use. With the latest model from Livescribe, you can connect with family, friends and colleagues through Facebook and email. You can easily send notes and audio right from your digital paper to your friends on Facebook or to your Google document account. This certainly saves a lot of your time especially if you are always on the go. If you are looking for the perfect gadget to record your thoughts in the middle of the night or during one of the moments when you are having a brainstorm, then the Livescribe smartpen is the right product for you. There is no longer a need for you to switch on your light, grab a piece of paper and pen and write down your thoughts. You can easily grab the Livescribe smartpen by the bedside and speak to it. The next day, just replay it and you get straight to work. There are a l ot of smartpen reviews on the Internet and you will find that most of them agree that the Livescribe smartpen is the new technology that is worth investing in. If you are a professional who prefers pen to a PC keyboard or tablet in meetings and likes to organise notes and documents in written and audio form, the Livescribe smartpen is the answer to all your prayers on staying organised.

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